What is Dehydration?
Simply put, it’s a fluid imbalance. But before we explain a troubled state, we’ll start with a happy one. Picture yourself floating in a calm sea, surrounded on all sides by warm salt water. Happy, right?

Well that’s how your cells are happiest, too. In fact, the human body is 60% salt water.

Salt water leaves our bodies when we breathe, sweat, or go to the bathroom. Normally, we replace these fluids with our food and drink. But when we lose more than we can replace, we experience a state of dehydration.

Dry Mouth
Muscle Cramps
Dry Skin

Common Causes
Heat. Extreme heat causes us to lose an excess of salt water through our pores.

Exercise. Increased physical activity has the same effect.

Altitude. In high altitude, the air is thinner so we take more breaths and therefore lose more water.
Hangovers. Alcohol turns off the hormone that helps us absorb water, so we lose more fluids than normal on nights we're over-served.

Sickness. We lose salt water through vomit and diarrhea, which in extreme cases is fatal.
Did you know? If we don’t have enough salt in our bloodstream, our bodies pull it from other stores such as our bone marrow, decreasing bone density and increasing the risk of osteoporosis.
Dehydration is Not Thirst
Dehydration is a medical condition.
Thirst is one symptom, but it’s not the only one, and it might not present itself at all. Illness and high-altitude travel are two examples of when dehydration can occur without thirst.
What are Electrolytes?
We know electrolytes help us recover from dehydration, but most of us can’t name a single one.

Salt. There, now you can name one. Here are more:

• Sodium (Na+)
• Chloride (Cl-)
• Potassium (K+)
• Magnesium (Mg++)
Some electrolyte beverages will advertise the amount of electrolytes. Truth is, the number doesn’t matter. It’s the balance that’s key to recovery, a precise balance of water, electrolytes, no more glucose than what’s required to trigger absorption, and a perfected taste—which doesn’t sound scientific, yet it cannot be underestimated. Taste can be the difference between a sick patient drinking it down or spitting it up, especially kids too young to know better.
What does DripDrop have that those others don’t?
A precision formula of vitamins, electrolytes, and glucose.

A formula tested and proven to be as effective in critical medical conditions as it is on a weekend hike. A formula tested and and proven to be delicious even to kids–our study's most brutally honest participants.
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