“Dehydration compromises soldiers, both physically and mentally, and can jeopardize troops and the mission. DripDrop is exactly what soldiers need: something lightweight and portable, easy to administer, and works in the most grueling circumstances.”

US Major General (Ret.) James “Spider” Marks

A safe, effective tool that helps meet the mission

Despite well-documented effective techniques to prevent heat illness, Exertional Heat Illness (EHI) continues to be a threat to soldiers and other service members in training and combat. Mild to moderate EHI is a constant threat to both physical performance and decision-making. Severe EHI may require medical attention, lost duty time and be life-threatening. With 3X the electrolytes of sports drinks and half the sugar, the proven science of DripDrop ORS provides a superior, military grade tool to address fluid and electrolyte depletion. DripDrop is a revolution in ORS because it actually tastes great–which means soldiers will actually use it.

The threat of exertional heat injury

Even mild heat illness can significantly degrade performance.

The Army Public Health Center (APHC) observes:  

  • Losing 4% of body weight from dehydration degrades physical performance 50% (this is possible in less than 2 hrs)
  •  Heat illnesses can occur under green flag temperature conditions due to previous days' conditions and dehydration
  • 20% of all heat illnesses occur outside of the 'heat season' and occur year-round

Most EHI occur between May and September, especially above 75ºF. Recent weather conditions have been extremely high heightening military leaders’ concern for the well being of soldiers in combat training.

Mitigating risk: When water & sports drinks aren’t enough Under normal conditions, soldiers can maintain proper fluid and electrolyte balance with water and diet alone. DripDrop is intended for extreme hydration occasions where water or sport drinks alone are not enough to replace fluid and electrolyte loss. Examples of activities defined by APHC as high risk:

  •  Strenuous physical training, sports, or job tasks over long time periods e.g. >60-90 minutes where loss of both fluid and electrolytes mount
  • Physically intense military activities such as Basic Combat Training, field training exercises, and road marches over 8 kilometers
  • The above activities over multiple days or combined with protective equipment and/or heavy loads

Providing the best hydration products to our soldiers will save lives, man-hours and impact mission readiness.

The proven science of ORS

DoD medical personnel have documented that Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) like DripDrop have been shown to prevent and treat heat stress and illness. Furthermore, a recent study concluded that ORS hydrated 50% better than water alone and that sports drinks were only slighter better than water. Research has concluded that ORS even outperforms IV in all measured outcomes, including time and cost. However, the poor palatability of traditional ORS has limited its use and adoption. The great taste of DripDrop is a game-changer.

Department of Defense NSN Data

DripDrop was awarded DAPA Class VIII:
100ct. Berry  - NSN: 6505-01-646-2701
100ct. Lemon - NSN: 6505-01-646-2692

Those that serve are turning to DripDrop ORS

High impact training military organizations have experienced tremendous success while utilizing DripDrop ORS. Users throughout the joint interagency have adopted DripDrop to prevent and treat heat casualties including: NSW, MARSOC, Army Special Forces, Ground Combat School, Air Assault School, Advanced Airborne School, Border Patrol Academy, Hot Shot teams, LACoFD, Orange County Fire Authority, CAL Fire and men and women in uniform everywhere that have extreme hydration needs. Effectiveness, ease-of-use and portability makes ORS ideal for operational use. However, due to the high electrolyte profile (particularly sodium) of traditional ORS, palatability has been a challenge to adoption. DripDrop is the first ORS that meets WHO formulation guidelines and actually tastes great – which means soldiers will actually use it. Users consistently report that DripDrop helps dramatically reduce heat injuries and IV use. The units and military communities mentioned above have consistently reported that DripDrop helps meet the mission and is a safe, effective product that is contributing to human performance optimization, safety and mission readiness.

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