An Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) contains a precise ratio of sodium electrolytes and glucose that activates the body’s sodium-glucose cotransport system to facilitate fluid absorption. Developed in the 1960s, the World Health Organization's ORS formula has been used to treat life-threatening dehydration where IV therapy is not practical.

The ORS Challenge

To activate the sodium-glucose co-transport system, an ORS formula requires higher sodium electrolyte content and lower glucose (sugar) content than traditional rehydration beverages like sports drinks. The result: poor taste. To address this, most “electrolyte products” compromise efficacy by lowering sodium electrolyte levels, increasing glucose levels, or both. The result: They don’t work very well.

Why DripDrop ORS

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun developed the DripDrop ORS formula to solve the ORS taste problem without compromising efficacy.

DripDrop ORS contains the medically relevant sodium electrolyte levels and lower glucose content required, in a low osmolarity formula that facilitates fast absorption, AND it tastes great.

The invention was such a breakthrough that the DripDrop ORS formula received a U.S. Patent, and Dr. Dolhun was awarded the 2017 Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Humanitarian Award.

DripDrop ORS vs Alternatives

Rehydration Requires Sufficient Sodium Electrolytes

Sodium Electrolytes

When it comes to dehydration, not all electrolytes are created equal. We've come to think of sodium as bad, but the human body is 60% salt water. Sodium is, in fact, the critical electrolyte for dehydration recovery. It promotes better fluid intake, helps maintain greater fluid volume, and lowers urine output. Problem is, sodium has a tough time getting through the small intestine on its own.

A Little Glucose

Glucose helps sodium get from the small intestine into the bloodstream through a mechanism called the sodium-glucose cotransport system. While some electrolyte products boast about being sugar-free, without glucose, this natural system simply doesn't work. Instead of adding unnecessary sugar, we include just enough glucose to keep this molecular team running smoothly.

Low Osmolarity

To be effective, an ORS needs a high concentration of sodium electrolytes and a precise amount of glucose. That’s part of what makes rapid fluid absorption and retention possible. But the more particles in a solution (i.e., higher osmolarity) the slower the absorption. DripDrop ORS uniquely balances these factors for optimal efficacy and speed. Translation: it works, and it works fast.

Unmatchable Flavor

It's not easy to make a rehydration solution that works this well taste this good. To improve flavor, many other products skimp on sodium electrolytes and amp up sugar—which greatly diminishes their effectiveness against dehydration. DripDrop ORS works for your body and your tastebuds - a difference rooted in science. It's a powerhouse against dehydration that checks all the boxes.

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Why ORS Matters

Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are a simple, proven technology that saves lives, time and resources.

Dehydration from diarrhea is the #2 cause of death globally for children under 5.

ORS has helped reduce the number of diarrhea-related deaths in the last decade by 54%, or an average of 2 million lives per year.

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